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We help improve people's lives by providing them their essential tools for their self care needs. Our collection of ethical, natural, plant-based products will improve your level of comfort, save you time and energy, while not harming our planet. We use purposeful ingredients that you can pronounce, understand, and learn how they actually benefit you.

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Amanda Briggs Middlebrook

This is the BEST hand sanitizer! I ordered a big bottle and they delivered it the next day! WOAH! What amazing customer service and the essential oils make my poor scrubbed hands feel so silky soft! Thank you!!

Heather Glover

The hand sanitizer is totally different. Not your regular hand sanitizer BUT with moisturizers. It feels so soothing to the hands. The Rose Body Butter is EVERYTHING. Not overly floral but just enough. Quick local delivery. Thank you!!!

Julie Rose Uhal

I love my lavender grapefruit body butter so. much. I just bought it and it's already one of my go-to potions. The smell is heavenly and it goes on so smooth without being sticky - pretty much everything you could want in a lotion. And on top of all that, Ben is an absolutely dope human being! Wish I could give you 10 stars

Brittany Emerson

I purchased a variety of products and so far I've used the deodorant, cederwood body butter, and the bath tea. I'm in love! It makes my skin feel so soft and smells absolutely amazing. Customer service was great and I received my order super quick. Thanks again

Scott Behrens

I've been using Ben's Body Butter for my hands after weightlifting, putting it on to smooth a sunburn, and fixing my dry feet. It got a great scent and it hydrates deep.

Mindy Wood

As a new customer, I am impressed by the responsiveness to inquiry's and product availability. Customer service that cannot be beat, you made my day with my delivery. I look forward to my next purchase!

Megan Johnson

I have the Cherry Almond Body Butter and I looooove it! A little goes a long way and it keeps you moisturizer! Oh and it smells just as he described: childhood. Lol!

Patricia Pinckard

Ordered the hand sanitizer and within 24 hours it was delivered already! It is wonderful smelling & makes your skin soft & sanitized! Thank you Ben!

Jack Allen

Before I found B3, people on the streets would call me ashy larry. Now that i'm moisturized. I feel like a new person. Ashy no more!

Grady Savant

Great products from someone so passionate about what he's making. Ben's products have really opened me up to the idea of self-care and I'm grateful for it. His stuff is great at an affordable price! I'm partial to the Orange Bergamot Body Butter cuz BUT you can't go wrong with anything ya pick.

His products make great gifts, too! I've gotten his stuff for friends and family and they all love it!!

Leah J Lata

My coworker turned me onto Ben's body butter and I immediately loved it and bought some for myself. My mother is constantly buying lotions, any where from bath & body works lotions to that really intense O'keeffe's working hands lotion (which I believe is meant for really cracked hands- and still didn't work for her) I made her try some of Ben's body butter and she was hooked! I definitely will be buying her some for mothers day.

Kirsten Shrewsberry

Bens products are AMAZING. I love everything of his I've used! I especially used the body scrub and body butter while pregnant and it helped keep my bump soft and comfortable. I cannot recommend Ben's Body Basics enough!!